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Submit your Madden 16 Cover Vote Today! Rob Gronkowski and Odell Beckham Jr. were the finalists for the cover vote! The winner was announced at 6 PM EST May 13th 2015, on ESPN's Sports Center!

Madden 2015 Cover Voting  The 2015 Madden game is going to be loaded with new features including Kinectronic. You will have access to make suggestions to the madden wishlist as well as engage in the cover voting process! Madden 16 cover preview and the Madden 16 cover voting are  available online now at the EA Sports Madden 16 Facebook Page. The cover voting for Madden NFL 16 is already on pace to eclipse the voting for Madden NFL 14 by 50%. Front runners of the cover vote include Rodger Goodell, Russell Wilson, Peyton Manning, Rob Gronkowski and Derek Carr.
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NFL to implement "Self Actualization" penalty for defensive players who touch Drew Brees during pivotal moments of games
..Goodell went on in the interview to explain that this rule will operate much like the old Face Mask penalty where there is a 5 and 15 yard version. The 5 yard "Self Actualization" penalty will be enforced when there is no contact, but the referee perceives that the defender had aggressive thoughts or feeling towards Drew Brees. This penalty can be upgraded to a 15 yarder if Drew Brees gets upset about something during the play. Fox Sports reporter...Full Story
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