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Madden 2015 Release Date  The Madden NFL 16 release date is currently slated for August 30th 2015. Prelaunch information and developer leaks regarding Madden 16 will be posted here as they come available. No official release date for Madden NFL 16 has been set. Madden 15 was released August 28th 2014 and has already outsold all previous versions of EA Sports' Madden NFL series.''

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NFL to implement "Self Actualization" penalty for defensive players who touch Drew Brees during pivotal moments of games
..Goodell went on in the interview to explain that this rule will operate much like the old Face Mask penalty where there is a 5 and 15 yard version. The 5 yard "Self Actualization" penalty will be enforced when there is no contact, but the referee perceives that the defender had aggressive thoughts or feeling towards Drew Brees. This penalty can be upgraded to a 15 yarder if Drew Brees gets upset about something during the play. Fox Sports reporter...Full Story
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