Get information on the 2015 NFL Combine here!  Learn more about the different NFL combine drills, records, tests, training and results.  See which college football players will enter the draft, see which players are likely to test well at the Combine and get the date, time and location for the NFL combine!  The 2015-2016 football season promises to be a great one!  Check in here each day to see NFL scores, NFL, NFL results, NFL TV schedule, player projections, player status/injury updates...
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When is the 2015 NFL Combine?
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May 8th at 8 PM EST on ESPN!
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NFL to implement "Self Actualization" penalty for defensive players who touch Drew Brees during pivotal moments of games

..Goodell went on in the interview to explain that this rule will operate much like the old Face Mask penalty where there is a 5 and 15 yard version. The 5 yard "Self Actualization" penalty will be enforced when there is no contact, but the referee perceives that the defender had aggressive thoughts or feeling towards Drew Brees. This penalty can be upgraded to a 15 yarder if Drew Brees gets upset about something during the play. Fox Sports reporter...
Referees Cheat Drew Brees Saints
I didn't
Catch It,
Jesus did!

Giants star receiver Odell Beckham is convinced that Jesus made that catch that had the sports world on fire

...As the ESPN sports science lab and all of the talking heads around the NFL and sports speak to its "super human" appearance and scientifically infeasible occurrence. Beckham goes on to explain that his plan to retire after one season in the NFL is of the utmost importance, not just to him but for the future of our planet...
Odell Beckham Catch Jesus